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A Backgammon set is a collection of game pieces and a board used to play the game of Backgammon. The pieces typically include checkers in two colors, and dice used to determine the moves. The board is divided into sections called points, with each player starting on opposite sides and moving their checkers towards their own end of the board. Backgammon is a game that can be played with two players and it is one of the old-known board games.
A Backgammon set typically includes the following components:
A board: The board is divided into 24 triangular spaces called points, each with a different color or pattern, and is used to move checkers.
Checkers: Checkers are typically made of wood or plastic and come in two colors, one for each player.
Dice: Two six-sided dice are used to determine the moves in the game.
Doubling cube: A six-sided cube with the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 on it, used to keep track of the stakes in a game.
Dice cups: Used to roll the dice, and to keep them hidden from the opponent.
Instructions: A set of instructions are usually included to help players learn how to play the game.
A carrying case: Many backgammon sets come with a carrying case, which makes it easy to take the game with you when you travel.
Some luxury Backgammon sets include an advanced board made of luxury materials like leather, marble, and mother of pearl.

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Backgammon Industry knowledge

Backgammon is a two-player board game that has been enjoyed for centuries. The objective of the game is to move all of your pieces (checkers) around the board and ultimately bear them off. The board consists of 24 triangles or points, which alternate in color and are grouped into four quadrants of six points each. The points are numbered from 1 to 24, with the 24th point being the furthest from each player.
At the beginning of the game, each player starts with 15 checkers placed on specific points on the board. The checkers are set up as follows: two on the 24th point, five on the 13th point, three on the 8th point, and five on the 6th point. The players take turns rolling two dice and moving their checkers according to the numbers rolled.
The movement of the checkers is determined by the dice roll. Each number on the dice corresponds to the number of points a checker can move. A player can choose to move one checker by the total number rolled on the dice or move two separate checkers by the numbers shown on each die.
The main goal is to move all of your checkers to your home board and then bear them off the board. The home board consists of the last six points before the bear-off position, which is the player's own quadrant. To bear off, a player must have all their checkers in their home board and then roll the exact number required to move each checker off the board. If a player is unable to move all their checkers off the board, they must move their checkers to an open point and try to bear them off on subsequent turns.
Throughout the game, players can land on points occupied by their opponent's single checker, creating a blockage called a "point" or "blot." A blot can be hit by the opponent's checker, causing the hit checker to be placed on the bar, located in the middle of the board. The player whose checker was hit must then re-enter it into the opponent's home board and try to bring it around to their own home board again before bearing off.
The game continues until one player successfully bears off all their checkers. A gammon occurs when the losing player has not borne off any checkers, resulting in the winner scoring twice the value of the game. A backgammon occurs when the losing player has not borne off any checkers and has checkers remaining on the winner's home board or bar, resulting in the winner scoring three times the value of the game.
Backgammon combines elements of strategy, probability, and luck. It requires players to make tactical decisions about moving their checkers and weighing the risks of leaving blots. It is a popular game played both casually and competitively around the world.