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Our products have passed EN71, ASTM63-17 etc. For domino we have melamine domino and acrylic domino, usually have double 6, double 9, double 12; For package, we have wooden box, pvc box, plastic box, tin box, cardboard box, we not only can custom domino box, also can custom domino tile. On domino tile colorful logo or single color logo can print. Except domino tile custom, we also can custom domino shape.

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Shengzhou Kaile Recreation Products Co., Ltd.

Shengzhou Kaile Recreation Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing all types of domino, poker chips, chess, dice, rummy, backgammon and other related products of table games and casino items, we also develop golf and balls and other China.

Kaile Factory was established in 2011, our factory is located in Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Our factory is within 100kms away from Ningbo port and also very near to Shanghai, our city also next to Yiwu city. You can find all the commodities here. After many years of development, Kaile products have been well received in domestic and abroad. All our products are environmentally friendly. Our products can pass EN71, ASTM63-17, etc. For dominos we have melamine dominos and acrylic dominos, usually have double 6, double 9, and double 12; For package, we have wooden boxes, PVC boxes, plastic boxes, tin boxes, and cardboard boxes, we not only can custom domino box, but also can custom domino tile. On domino tile colorful logos or single-color logos can print. Except for domino tile custom, we also can custom domino shapes.

For the poker chips, we have different materials for you to choose from, clay poker chips, ceramic poker chips, abs poker chips and acrylic poker chips, etc, we also supply all the casino items.

Now we also develop golf items, like golf balls, drivers, irons, putters, wedges, golf bags and shoes.

Our factory advantage is can customize all the game sets, like our heat-transfer printing dominos, and custom ceramic poker chips, many clients repeat orders for us during these years. Kaile Team can make some of the samples free to check the quality, like the ceramic poker chips, we supply free design and samples until you confirm the chips you satisfy, then we will proceed, we also will take bulk pictures for you to check before delivery. Kaile’s annual sales have exceeded US$10 million per year, our factory keeps good cooperation with many famous brands globally. Like Family Games, Regal Games, Junior Learning, Wolf Casino, etc. “Reasonable prices, efficient production time and good after-sales service” as our work core. We hope to cooperate with more customers for mutual development and benefits. If you need any items of domino, rummy, poker chips, casino items, or table games, welcome to contact us through call or email. We will respond to you the first time once we get it.

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Double 6 Domino in Wooden Box Industry knowledge

Features of Double 6 Domino in Wooden Box
Double 6 Domino in Wooden Box sets offer a classic and elegant way to store and play with dominoes. Here are some common features of Double 6 Domino in Wooden Box sets:
Wooden Box: The set comes in a wooden box specifically designed to hold and organize the domino tiles. The box is typically made of high-quality wood, such as rosewood, walnut, or mahogany, which adds durability and aesthetics to the set.
Hinged Lid: The wooden box usually has a hinged lid that opens and closes smoothly. The lid is attached to the box with hinges, allowing easy access to the dominoes while securely keeping them inside when closed.
Storage Compartments: The interior of the wooden box is divided into compartments or slots to neatly hold and separate the domino tiles. These compartments keep the tiles organized, preventing them from shifting or getting mixed up during storage or transportation.
Felt Lining: To protect the domino tiles and prevent them from scratching or rubbing against each other, the compartments may have a soft felt lining. The felt lining provides a cushioning effect and helps maintain the quality and appearance of the dominoes.
Slide-Out Trays: Some Double 6 Domino in Wooden Box sets feature slide-out trays that hold the domino tiles. These trays make it easier to access and distribute the tiles during gameplay. The trays can be smoothly pulled out and pushed back into the box, ensuring convenient storage and retrieval of the tiles.
Brass or Metal Accents: Wooden boxes often feature decorative brass or metal accents, such as hinges, clasps, or corner protectors. These accents not only add aesthetic appeal but also enhance the overall durability and strength of the box.
Engraved or Printed Number Markings: The domino tiles in Double 6 Domino in Wooden Box sets typically have engraved or printed number markings that indicate the values of the spots or pips. These markings are clear and legible, ensuring easy identification during gameplay.
Compact and Portable: The wooden box is designed to be compact and portable, making it convenient to bring along for travel or outdoor activities. It provides a secure and stylish storage solution, allowing you to take the domino set with you wherever you go.
Double 6 Domino in Wooden Box sets offer a combination of functionality, aesthetics, and durability. The wooden box provides a timeless and classic appeal while ensuring the safekeeping of the domino tiles. It adds a touch of sophistication to your domino gaming experience and can also serve as an attractive display piece when not in use.
Maintenance of Double 6 Domino in Wooden Box
To ensure the longevity and proper maintenance of your Double 6 Domino in Wooden Box set, consider the following guidelines:
Keep it dry: Wood is susceptible to damage from moisture, so it's important to keep your wooden box and domino tiles dry. Avoid exposing the set to direct water or humidity, as it can cause warping, cracking, or mold growth. Wipe the wooden box and domino tiles with a soft, dry cloth if they come into contact with any liquid.
Clean with care: Regularly clean the wooden box and domino tiles to remove dust and debris. Use a soft, dry cloth or a slightly damp cloth to gently wipe the surfaces. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can damage the wood or remove any finish or varnish on the box.
Avoid extreme temperatures: Wood can expand or contract with fluctuations in temperature. Keep your Double 6 Domino in Wooden Box set away from extreme heat sources like radiators, fireplaces, or direct sunlight, as they can cause the wood to warp or crack. Also, avoid storing the set in excessively cold areas to prevent damage.
Handle with care: When handling the wooden box and domino tiles, do so with care to prevent accidental drops or impacts. Wood can be vulnerable to dents or scratches, so handle the set gently and avoid rough handling or excessive force.
Store properly: Store your Double 6 Domino in Wooden Box set in a dry and cool place when not in use. Keep it away from excessive humidity, direct sunlight, or areas prone to temperature fluctuations. Proper storage will help maintain the integrity and appearance of the wooden box and domino tiles.
Polish or treat the wood: If desired, you can occasionally apply a wood polish or conditioner to the wooden box to enhance its appearance and protect the wood. Follow the instructions provided with the polish and use a soft cloth to apply it in a gentle circular motion.
Check for damage: Regularly inspect the wooden box for any signs of damage, such as cracks, loose hinges, or loose fittings. If you notice any issues, address them promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the longevity of the set.