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Our products have passed EN71, ASTM63-17 etc. For domino we have melamine domino and acrylic domino, usually have double 6, double 9, double 12; For package, we have wooden box, pvc box, plastic box, tin box, cardboard box, we not only can custom domino box, also can custom domino tile. On domino tile colorful logo or single color logo can print. Except domino tile custom, we also can custom domino shape.

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Shengzhou Kaile Recreation Products Co., Ltd.

Shengzhou Kaile Recreation Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing all types of domino, poker chips, chess, dice, rummy, backgammon and other related products of table games and casino items, we also develop golf and balls and other China.

Kaile Factory was established in 2011, our factory is located in Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Our factory is within 100kms away from Ningbo port and also very near to Shanghai, our city also next to Yiwu city. You can find all the commodities here. After many years of development, Kaile products have been well received in domestic and abroad. All our products are environmentally friendly. Our products can pass EN71, ASTM63-17, etc. For dominos we have melamine dominos and acrylic dominos, usually have double 6, double 9, and double 12; For package, we have wooden boxes, PVC boxes, plastic boxes, tin boxes, and cardboard boxes, we not only can custom domino box, but also can custom domino tile. On domino tile colorful logos or single-color logos can print. Except for domino tile custom, we also can custom domino shapes.

For the poker chips, we have different materials for you to choose from, clay poker chips, ceramic poker chips, abs poker chips and acrylic poker chips, etc, we also supply all the casino items.

Now we also develop golf items, like golf balls, drivers, irons, putters, wedges, golf bags and shoes.

Our factory advantage is can customize all the game sets, like our heat-transfer printing dominos, and custom ceramic poker chips, many clients repeat orders for us during these years. Kaile Team can make some of the samples free to check the quality, like the ceramic poker chips, we supply free design and samples until you confirm the chips you satisfy, then we will proceed, we also will take bulk pictures for you to check before delivery. Kaile’s annual sales have exceeded US$10 million per year, our factory keeps good cooperation with many famous brands globally. Like Family Games, Regal Games, Junior Learning, Wolf Casino, etc. “Reasonable prices, efficient production time and good after-sales service” as our work core. We hope to cooperate with more customers for mutual development and benefits. If you need any items of domino, rummy, poker chips, casino items, or table games, welcome to contact us through call or email. We will respond to you the first time once we get it.

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UV Ceramic Chips Industry knowledge

The Science of UV Ceramic Poker Chips: How UV Technology Works
UV ceramic poker chips utilize ultraviolet (UV) technology to create unique designs and security features. Here's how UV technology works in ceramic poker chips:
Ultraviolet Ink: UV ceramic poker chips are printed with special ink that is invisible to the naked eye under normal lighting conditions. This ink contains fluorescent or phosphorescent compounds that respond to ultraviolet light.
Ultraviolet Light: Ultraviolet light, also known as blacklight, emits electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light. It falls outside the range of human perception but can be detected with the help of specific light sources.
Fluorescence and Phosphorescence: When exposed to UV light, the fluorescent or phosphorescent compounds in the ink absorb the UV radiation and re-emit it as visible light. This causes the hidden UV ink to become visible, creating unique patterns, designs, or security features on the poker chips.
Design and Security Elements: UV technology allows for the incorporation of intricate designs, images, or text that can only be seen under UV light. These hidden elements can serve various purposes, including anti-counterfeiting measures, brand identification, or aesthetic enhancements.
Verification and Authenticity: UV technology helps in verifying the authenticity of ceramic poker chips. Casinos and gaming establishments often use UV light sources to authenticate the chips and ensure they are genuine. By examining the presence of hidden UV features, they can distinguish between genuine chips and counterfeit ones.
UV ceramic poker chips offer an added layer of visual interest and security to the chips. The UV technology allows for the inclusion of hidden elements that can only be revealed using UV light sources, providing a unique and interactive element to the gaming experience.
It's important to note that UV ceramic poker chips require UV light sources to reveal the hidden designs or security features. Regular ambient light or standard lighting conditions do not make these elements visible. Therefore, using a UV light source or a blacklight is necessary to fully appreciate and utilize the UV technology incorporated into the ceramic poker chips.
UV Ceramic Poker Chips: Enhancing Security and Anti-Counterfeiting Measures
UV ceramic poker chips are designed to enhance security and serve as anti-counterfeiting measures in the gaming industry. Here's how UV ceramic poker chips help in these aspects:
Hidden UV Features: UV ceramic poker chips are printed with UV ink that contains fluorescent or phosphorescent compounds. These compounds remain invisible under normal lighting conditions but become visible when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light sources. The hidden UV features can include intricate patterns, text, or symbols that are difficult to replicate without specialized equipment and knowledge.
Anti-Counterfeiting Measures: The use of UV technology in ceramic poker chips adds an extra layer of security against counterfeiting. The hidden UV features are unique and not easily replicated by counterfeiters. Authenticating the chips requires UV light sources to reveal the hidden designs, making it harder for counterfeiters to produce exact replicas.
Casino Verification: Casinos and gaming establishments use UV light sources to verify the authenticity of ceramic poker chips. By examining the presence and quality of the hidden UV features, casino staff can easily distinguish genuine chips from counterfeit ones. This helps in maintaining the integrity of the gaming environment and preventing fraudulent activities.
Brand Identification: UV ceramic poker chips can incorporate brand-specific UV designs or logos, making them easily identifiable as products of a particular casino or manufacturer. These unique UV features enhance brand recognition and further differentiate authentic chips from counterfeit ones.
Increased Security Awareness: UV ceramic poker chips also raise security awareness among players and casino staff. By promoting the use of UV light sources for chip authentication, individuals become more vigilant in detecting counterfeit chips or suspicious activities. This helps in deterring counterfeiters and enhancing overall security in the gaming industry.
UV ceramic poker chips are a valuable tool in the fight against counterfeiting and ensuring the authenticity of chips in the gaming industry. The hidden UV features add a level of complexity that makes it challenging for counterfeiters to replicate, thus safeguarding the integrity of poker games and providing players with a secure gaming experience.