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Double 6 domino is a set of 28 dominoes, each of which has two sides with a certain number of dots, or pips, on them. In the case of double 6 dominoes, the number of pips on each side ranges from 0 (blank) to 6, with each combination of pips occurring exactly once. 
Double 6 dominoes can be used to play a variety of games, including the popular block game and draw game.

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Our products have passed EN71, ASTM63-17 etc. For domino we have melamine domino and acrylic domino, usually have double 6, double 9, double 12; For package, we have wooden box, pvc box, plastic box, tin box, cardboard box, we not only can custom domino box, also can custom domino tile. On domino tile colorful logo or single color logo can print. Except domino tile custom, we also can custom domino shape.

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Shengzhou Kaile Recreation Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing all types of domino, poker chips, chess, dice, rummy, backgammon and other related products of table games and casino items, we also develop golf and balls and other China.

Kaile Factory was established in 2011, our factory is located in Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Our factory is within 100kms away from Ningbo port and also very near to Shanghai, our city also next to Yiwu city. You can find all the commodities here. After many years of development, Kaile products have been well received in domestic and abroad. All our products are environmentally friendly. Our products can pass EN71, ASTM63-17, etc. For dominos we have melamine dominos and acrylic dominos, usually have double 6, double 9, and double 12; For package, we have wooden boxes, PVC boxes, plastic boxes, tin boxes, and cardboard boxes, we not only can custom domino box, but also can custom domino tile. On domino tile colorful logos or single-color logos can print. Except for domino tile custom, we also can custom domino shapes.

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Double 6 Domino Industry knowledge

Double 6 Dominoes: A Beginner's Guide to the Classic Game
Double 6 dominoes is a popular variant of the game that is great for beginners. It is played with a set of 28 tiles, each depicting a combination of two numbers from zero (blank) to six. Here's a beginner's guide to playing double 6 dominoes:
        Place all the tiles face-down on the playing surface and shuffle them.
        Each player draws seven tiles from the pool. If there are two players, each player should have seven tiles. If there are more players, adjust the number of tiles accordingly.
Starting the Game:
        The player with the highest double (a tile with the same number of pips on both ends, such as double six) plays it as the first tile. If no one has a double, the player with the highest sum of pips can start.
        Each player takes turns playing a tile from their hand that matches the number of pips on either end of the chain.
        If a player cannot make a play, they must draw a tile from the pool. If they can play the drawn tile, they may do so. Otherwise, their turn ends.
        The chain of tiles grows as each player adds their tile to either end, creating a line of connected tiles.
        Doubles are placed sideways to indicate the starting point of two different branches on the chain.
        The game continues until one player has played all their tiles, or no more moves are possible.
        If a player successfully plays all their tiles, they receive no points for that round, and the total number of pips on their opponents' remaining tiles is added to their score.
        If no player can make a move, the round ends, and the player with the fewest pips on their remaining tiles scores the total number of pips on their opponents' remaining tiles.
        The game typically consists of multiple rounds, and players keep track of their scores.
Winning the Game:
        The game ends when a player reaches a predetermined score, such as 100 or 200 points.
        The player with the lowest total score at the end of the game is declared the winner.
Double 6 dominoes is a straightforward and enjoyable game for beginners. As you become more familiar with the rules and strategies, you can explore other dominoes variants and challenge yourself with more complex gameplay. Have fun playing!
The Benefits of Playing Double 6 Dominoes
Playing double 6 dominoes offers several benefits, making it a popular game choice for people of all ages. Here are some of the benefits of playing double 6 dominoes:
Accessibility: Double 6 dominoes is a game that is easy to learn and play, making it accessible to people of all skill levels. The simple rules and straightforward gameplay make it suitable for beginners and experienced players alike.
Social Interaction: Dominoes is a social game that encourages interaction and engagement among players. It provides an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, fostering social connections and creating shared experiences.
Cognitive Skills: Playing dominoes can help improve cognitive skills, including critical thinking, strategic planning, and problem-solving. Players need to analyze the board, anticipate moves, and make decisions based on the available tiles and the overall game situation.
Numeracy and Pattern Recognition: Dominoes involves counting and recognizing patterns on the tiles. Players develop numeracy skills as they add up the pips and calculate scores. Additionally, identifying and matching the patterns on the tiles enhances visual perception and pattern recognition abilities.
Memory and Concentration: Dominoes requires players to remember the tiles that have been played, track the remaining tiles, and recall the available moves. Playing the game regularly can strengthen memory and improve concentration and focus.
Relaxation and Entertainment: Dominoes can be a source of relaxation and entertainment. It provides a way to unwind, have fun, and enjoy leisure time with others. The game's rhythmic nature and the satisfaction of matching and connecting tiles can create a calming and enjoyable experience.
Multigenerational Play: Double 6 dominoes is a game that can be enjoyed by people of different ages. It offers an opportunity for intergenerational play, bringing family members together and bridging generation gaps.
Portable and Versatile: A double 6 dominoes set is compact and portable, making it easy to take on trips, vacations, or gatherings. It can be played in various settings, including at home, in parks, or during social events.